Hear from other business owners about their experience with this process

Hamish White – Founder and Chief Executive

Having done Fresh Perspective’s Owner Clarity program on numerous occasions, the benefits have included a greater level of clarity, direction, and alignment among owners and helped move my business through various life-stage inflection points. The process of elevating yourself periodically, whether you’re a sole owner or have multiple shareholders, is equally as confronting as it is invigorating for all involved. It just makes good business sense.

Mark Ngata – Chief Executive

We had tried a few times to get outside support, but it was Fresh Perspective who really came in, understood us and helped our business. They were able to have a big impact in a short amount of time, especially in terms of helping all of us to be clear on where we wanted to go and what we needed to do.

Kate Radburnd – Business Founder and Owner

Fresh Perspective has been brilliant at helping me create the business that I want, which fits me. And the steps we have been through have really given me confidence that we are heading in the right direction.

Jason Roebuck – Business Owner and Managing Director

The conversations we have and the questions they ask are always valuable. When you are trying to get a team to make decisions and to move at speed, it’s great to have that sounding board or outside perspective to help our thinking.

Aayden Clarke – 838 Ventures

Since working with Pete, it has been great. I felt accountable for my actions that Pete and I set, and that was a good thing. After the process, I immediately went about my work towards getting done what we had planned. I’ve ticked a fair few things off and am much closer to the other goals I set. Overall, I’m much happier with my professional self and where life is heading now.

Sarah Knight – Online Business Owner

It was remarkable. I was able to make decisions that dramatically affected the course of my life and those around for the better very quickly, not because I had changed, but because I had real clarity, which is what really matters most when you are trying to build momentum and gain traction in the right direction.

Paula Sugden – Art Gallery Owner & Classical Musician

The reason I wanted to start this process was that my life was escalating at a pace that I couldn’t manage – business, family, commitments were all crowding in and there was no space to plan ahead. I needed clarity in order to have confidence in my planning and decisions.

Robert Darroch – Chief Executive

Future Products Group has been involved with Peter Wogan and his team for the past five years, and in that time, they have helped us with all aspects of our business, from leadership training to planning. It’s impossible to share what they have delivered to the FPG team in anything less than a book!

Peter and his team are our partners and not contractors; they deliver world-class advice and mentoring with passion and pride; their relaxed approach works exceptionally well with our teams.

Their relevant conversations have provided our leaders with support, mentoring, insights, strategic planning, and, best of all, the confidence to execute. They have become trusted friends of our company.
We are available anywhere, anytime to discuss and share our positive experiences.

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